Node.Js templating engine with fresh air


Listen, we understand it

Edge is the batteries includes template engine with beautiful syntax to enhance your markup files.

  • 📦 Component based layout
  • 📺 View presenter layer to encapsulate logic.
  • 😍 Simplest Developer API to extend the core.
  • 🔭 Runtime debugging with Chrome devtools.


Make sure you have Node.js and Npm installed on your computer. Use the below command to install edge

npm i --save edge.js 

Next import the package to register the views path and render a selected view.

const path = require('path')
const edge = require('edge.js')

edge.registerViews(path.join(__dirname, './view'))

edge.render('welcome', { username: 'Virk' })

Finally, let's define the welcome.edge view

<h2>Hello {{ username }}</h2>